What We Do:


Explore and elucidate of the most prevalent and important global health-environment interfaces:
The inter-relationships between facets of the cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) and air pollution.

Overall Hypothesis

Particulate matter (PM) and ozone (O3) are capable of eliciting multiple important adverse cardio-metabolic
health effects dependent on:

  • the local multi-pollutant milieu
  • an individual's pre-existing cardiovascular (CV) and metabolic condition (susceptibility)
  • the interactive toxicity of PM and O3 co-exposure

Expected Results

We will determine:

  • Temporal-response relationships to pollutant exposure and the development of CMS.
  • CMS effects of ozone (O3) and fine/coarse particle mixtures from 3 differing locations and
    their interactive toxicity.
  • Role of obesity and pre-existing cardio-metabolic abnormalities in individual susceptibility.
  • Concentration-response relationships for particles and O3.
  • Mechanisms whereby air pollutants elicit CV and metabolic health effects.

Per results will provide critical insights into the health effects of PM2.5, O3, and their co-exposures
in a multi-pollutant context.


Annual Report

Year 2: Progress and Financial Report

Year 3: Progress and Financial Report

Year 4: Progress and Financial Report




Who We Are:

  Jack Harkema
  Robert Brook